Choosing A Forex Broker

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Forex Gambling

You need a good Forex BROKER! It doesn’t matter that you are gambling and not investing. In gambling you want the right to be earned for luck. Some brokers are scams and even when you are lucky you won’t see the money you earned. Cut things short- How should we choose our Forex broker to gamble with?

Technically- we need a known Forex broker, with at least 4-5 years of experience in the Forex industry,  that got good ranks in reviews. New gambler in the Forex market? Read reviews in every place you can find. I usually recommend my friends to read Forex broker reviews at DailyForex. Beside their widely reviews explaining about pretty much all the known brokers out there, they got good ranking method and I agree with almost everything they say.

In a more deep level (the one we don’t really care)- The broker we choose should be a partner. We are not going to earn from one another. I want the broker to be my partner– when I am winning- he is winning. So someone needs to lose, isn’t it? the answer is YES. Who is it going to be? I hope another trader!

This step in beginning of Forex trading is very basic but very IMPORTANT as well. So please be careful when choosing a Forex broker. Don’t rush and don’t listen to “Friends” advices. Read only facts and not feelings. That is the right way to choose yourself a Forex broker!

Have a nice week!


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