Should Forex Gamblers Use Fundamental And Technical Analysis?

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Forex Gambling

Most of the Forex traders use fundamental or technical analysis before placing a trade action. Should Forex gamblers use it also? As we said we are here for the fun of gambling and not as an investment.

So the answer lays in two questions:

1. Why do traders use fundamental or technical analysis?

2.Do we have a similar thing to fundamental and technical analysis in other gambling games?

I would say that the answer to both questions is yes- but the first question is WHY so I can’t 🙂

Traders use fundamental and technical analysis to assist them taking smarter decisions. They use charts and news items to give them information that will help them decide which direction the Forex market is heading. So does it really help? Fundamental news are a lot of pieces of information of things that happen all over the world. Those things can affect people and the way they act. Technical analysis is the art of analyzing charts. Charts? a collection of statistics presented in graphs.

Let’s take for example the most known gambling game in the world- POKER! If we will summarize we can say that we have both things in Poker- Fundamental and technical analysis. You probably will close your browser cause you think I’m talking Bullshit. Am I? There are a lot of players counting on statistics- If I have Ace and Queen what are the chances that I will win with this hand? This is similar to Technical analysis. If the player is going even further and search for things that can effect one of the players decision – it is similar to Fundamental analysis.

In my opinion, those things can reduce the risk we are taking in the gambling act but also reduce the FUN! If you want to invest your money in something less risky- don’t do it in Forex or Poker… Put it in real-estate or something. If you are here to GAMBLE- Gamble all the way!! Don’t count on statistics and other things- Just your heart decision. Let’s gamble the Forex market! Let’s do it without analysis…

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